Company Overview

China General Plastics Corporation (CGPC), one of the three largest PVC resin manufacturers in Taiwan, takes an important position in the world in terms of vinyl film production capabilities. Its manufactures, sales, and services cover the whole spectrum of vinyl product tree, from the first level: i.e. PVC resin, to the second level: i.e. vinyl films and leather, and the 3rd level: i.e. consumer products. This vertical integration from resins to consumer goods offers a unique position of competitiveness in the global vinyl market. Our products are marketed and sold in Taiwan and around the world. In recent years, we have expanded operations by investing in plant facilities in strategic locations of mainland China.

Among our major product lines, we successfully debottlenecked the PVC resin production capacity to the level of 220,000 tons per annum. With keen attention to the market trends, we seek opportunities to extend our experience and technical knowledge of PVC into non-PVC business areas. We believe we can offer higher values to our customers and growth opportunities in the future.

As a modern enterprise, CGPC fulfills its social responsibility of environmental protection by placing goals for energy efficiency and industrial waste reduction as top priorities in its factory operations.