Human Rights Policy and Management Programs

Human Rights Policy
In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and implement human rights protection, referring to the recognized human rights standards the International Bill of Rights and the International Labor Organization (Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work), etc., the company formulates human rights policies applicable to the company and its affiliates, to prevent violations and violations of human rights, in addition to providing reasonable and safe workplaces, and enabling the company's current colleagues to receive reasonable and dignified treatment.

Human Rights Assessment
While pursuing sustainable business operations, the company also pays attention to raising awareness of people and the environment, and assumes and promotes social responsibilities for employees, consumers, and the overall environment. In order to reflect the commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace, in addition to assigning special personnel to manage employees' occupational safety and health operations according to laws and regulations, the company has regularly entrusted professional organizations to inspect the factory and identify environmental risks in the business every year.

Concerns of Human Rights and Practice
  Providing a safe and healthy work environment
The company has passed the audit and verification of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and ISO 14064-1, providing a safe working environment for company employees. In addition to providing a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with laws and regulations, the company has established a special unit and committee for occupational safety and health, employs professional physicians and nursing staff, and regularly conducts safety, health, fire protection and other related education and training, and takes necessary precautions Measures to prevent occupational disasters and reduce the risk factors of the working environment.

  Eliminate unlawful discrimination and ensure equal employment opportunity
The company does not use race, class, language, ideology, religion, party affiliation, place of birth, place of birth, gender, or sexual orientation on employment, salary and benefits, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or retirement and other labor rights and interests. Unfair treatment due to factors such as age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities, constellation, blood type, or other discrimination.

  Abolish child labor
In order to ensure compliance with corporate social responsibility and ethics, the company clearly stipulates in its employee work rules that no child labor is employed. As of the end of August 2019, the total number of employees was 736, and the number of child workers was 0.

  Eliminate forced labor
The company comply with the laws and regulations when dealing with the working hours and leave entitlement of employees. Do not force or coerce any unwilling personnel to perform labor services.

  Support the physical and psychological well-being of employees, and the balance between work and personal life
  • The company provides venues or sponsorship funds to encourage employees to participate in health activities, and employees organize their own clubs to gather the emotions of colleagues through club activities.
  • Organize activities such as year-end party banquet, Mid-Autumn Festival party, lantern riddles and so on to adjust employees' physical and psychological and unite their hearts. The company also sets up sports and fitness equipment for employees to use after work.

Training and Practice of Human Rights Protection
  • New employee training-when they report for duty, they are required to go online for relevant legal compliance promotion, including: sexual harassment prevention, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, implementation of working hours management, protection of humane treatment and healthy and safe working environment.
  • Preventing workplace violence-through publicity and notices, we let employees understand their responsibility for assuring no workplace assaults. We also disclose grievance channels to build a friendly workplace environment.
  • Training for occupational safety-training contents include OH&S education and training, fire safety training, emergency response, and first aid training.
  • Publicizing integrity and ethics-we arrange education and publicity on integrity and ethics in routine work and behavior, in order to build a healthy and positive workplace culture.

Participation hours and number of people involved in promoting human rights protection related training (2019)
Course Title male Female total
number of attendance Hours number of attendance Hours number of attendance Hours
[Special Lectures] Sustainability, the driving force of enterprise development 4 12 4 12 8 24
[Ethical Lecture] Regulations and Practice of Fair Trading Law 64 128 32 64 96 192
[Ethical Lecture] Legal Responsibility of Breach of Trust and Case Analysis 3 9 0 0 3 9
[Ethical Lecture] Discuss common disputes on business secrets from cases 55 165 29 87 84 252
[Ethical Lecturee] Copyright Protection and Fair Use 125 250 36 72 161 322
Safety and health education and training (including contract work, first aid, high-pressure gas operation supervisor, boiler operation, acetylene welding, the first pressure vessel operation or the use of hazardous chemicals... etc.) 579 1,741 3 9 582 1,750
Self-defense fire fighting training 265 1,060 0 0 265 1,060
Fire Propaganda 61 196 0 0 61 196
Health Lecture 28 56 27 54 55 110
Labor Incident Art and Labor Inspection Enterprise Measures 3 9 5 15 8 24
Emergency response drills (each unit conducted in batches, including emergency response, typhoon prevention, and vehicle clearance) 713 1,773 23 64 736 1,837
Process safety training 81 414 0 0 81 414
Operation safety training 44 104 1 2 45 106
Total 2,025 5,917 160 379 2,185 6,296

Grievance system
The company has a smooth complaint channel. When colleagues encounter various problems within the company, they can submit complaints to the supervisors and human resources department through the company's complaint channel. In addition, in order to maintain gender equality in work and provide a work and service environment where employees and job seekers are free from sexual harassment, there is a dedicated complaint mailbox and e-mail address for sexual harassment prevention. During the complaint investigation period, the complaint is handled in a confidential manner, and the complainant's name or other relevant information sufficient to identify.