Board of Directors Information

Operation of the Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Company is composed of nine experienced professionals in the fields of petrochemical, plastics, finance and business management. The primary responsibility is to supervise the operation of the Company in accordance with the laws and regulations and to provide professional strategies and directions to the operating class for creating the greatest benefit of the shareholders.

The board of directors shall meet at least quarterly and shall be convened by the chairman of the board of directors. the company shall set up the "Remuneration committee" and the "Audit Committee" under the board of directors according to the regulations, and shall hold the committee meeting to proceed with the item(s) subjected for the report or discussion, then propose the item(s) to the board of directors. In order to fully obtain the external professional opinion and to supervise the operation performance of the operating class, at least one independent director shall attend the board of directors meeting in person. If any independent director is unable to attend in person any meeting concerning a matter that requires a resolution by all independent directors, he(she) shall appoint another independent director to attend as his or her proxy.

The Company has set up the "Secretariat of the Board" to assist the operation of the board of directors and the secretariat of the Board shall execute or check the follow-up actions in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors.