Remuneration Committee


The Committee shall consist of three members appointed by resolution of the board of directors. One of the members shall serve as convener.

Independent directorZHENG,YING-BIN
Independent directorLI,ZU-DE
Independent directorLI,LIANG-XIAN

The Committee shall exercise the care of a good administrator to faithfully perform the following duties and present its recommendations to the board of directors for discussion.
1. Periodically reviewing this Charter and making recommendations for amendments.
2. Establishing and periodically reviewing the annual and long-term performance goals for the directors and managerial officers of this Corporation and the policies, systems, standards, and structure for their compensation.
3. Periodically assessing the degree to which performance goals for managerial officers of this Corporation have been achieved, and setting the types and amounts of their individual compensation.

Implementation status:

Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least twice a year, and may call a meeting at its discretion whenever necessary.
For information regarding Remuneration committee meetings and the attendance rate, please refer to our annual report or the Market Observation Post System website.