OHS Policy

We Promise
  • Respect Life
    OHS is the primary responsibility and obligation of the company at all levels. It is necessary to prevent work-related injuries, health, illness and accidents. Eliminate unsafe practices and conditions, and implement accident investigation to protect occupational health and safety of all employees and suppliers, contractors and visitors.
  • Safety discipline
    All employees and contractors, suppliers, contract workers and other personnel should comply with the relevant national occupational health and safety laws and regulations and other requirements to be observed, and the development of the relevant standard operating procedures.
  • Full participation
    To ensure that employees have the time and resources to participate in OHS system activities to encourage employees to occupational health and safety proposals, establish and maintain the company's high-level staff and good communication channels, employees, suppliers, customers, contractors and interest-related Groups, to convey this policy and to communicate occupational health and safety issues.
  • Continuous improvement
    Continuing to educate employees, suppliers and contractors on necessary training and continuous improvement of OHS system and performance.