Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection
  • Comply with regulations and other requirements
  • Pollution control and resource conservation
  • Communication training and continuous improvement

The company‘s goal is to maintain the safety and health of personnel and the protection of environmental ecology. We are willing to comply with environmental protection and safety and health related laws and regulations, the implementation of continuous improvement of the spirit, the implementation of residual material conversion and regeneration, pollution prevention, energy conservation, industrial waste reduction and good relatives and other good neighbors.

We promise:
  1. Comply with the relevant environmental regulations and related environmental derivative requirements.
    The company to join the Republic of China Chemical Industry Responsible Care Association TRCA for the Association of laws and regulations committee members since 1998, regularly participate in regulatory discussions; Follow the TRCA management guidelines to take care of in the implementation of the factory, and an annual self- Performance Report.
  2. Energy conservation and industrial waste reduction.
  3. Pollution prevention, and reduce possible risks in operation.
  4. Staff education and training, the implementation of environmental protection work.
  5. Take the initiative to communicate customers and residents, management of suppliers and contractors, to encourage all employees to participate in safe and security work.
  6. Implementation of environmental management system to enhance environmental performance and reduce the risk of community environmental protection.
Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement:

May 2020 The Toufen Plant obtained the SGS 2019 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.

April 2019 The Toufen Plant obtained the SGS 2018 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.

May 2018 The Toufen Plant obtained the SGS 2017 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.

January 2018 The Toufen Plant obtained the SGS 2016 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.

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