Longfeng fishing port coastal cleanup 2018
On September 8th, CGPC held a clean beach event. Nearly 150 employees participated in it. In just a few hours, dozens of bags of garbage were cleared, and the action was given back to Miaoli. The general manager of CGPC personally led the team and talked about the salary increase this year. He said that the basic level employees are the highest, and the adjustment is 5%.
CGPC shows practical actions on Environmental protection
CGPC is in the second year of Longfeng Fishing Port, and this year employees are more enthusiastic and take part in the weekend. In just one morning, the garbage of 356KG was cleared. In response to environmental protection, not only the cleaning beach was given back to the local society, but also the street lamps were adopted and the corporate responsibility was fulfilled.
Public sponsorship and charity activities
By long-term funding or regular maintenance, CGPC to recognize the ChungKung Creeek Dongxing Bridge Wetland Park, Tofun Yongzhen Palace Park, Tofun industrial green park and Tofun city street lights.
CGPC Charity community was established in 1972, uphold the "spread love, caring society" concept, put together colleagues love donations into the work of social lean leaning for the community to do a business' responsibility.
Community volunteer service
In order to enhance community awareness of environmental protection and maintain the community environment, CGPC in 2010 to set up volunteer team to encourage colleagues to use the spare time, engaged in community maintenance and cleaning services, volunteer team regularly organized activities, over the years for the community environmental consolidation, park maintenance, street cleaning ... and other activities.
Longfeng fishing port coastal cleanup 2017
With Miaoli County Environmental Protection Bureau of the marine environmental policy, CGPC to take Zhunan town of Longfeng fishing port beach, for about 500 meters, each year regular voluntary colleagues to convene coastal cleanup activities, maintenance of coastal environment clean, wishing that by the company personally environmental protection, to understand the importance of marine environmental protection through activities, and to do a part of the earth.